San Francisco’s Bay Bridge illuminated


The 1.8 mile span of the Bay Bridge is lit up with 25,000 computer-controlled LED lights, in a project by artist Leo Villareal.  ”My inspiration comes from the motion of the bridge,” says Villareal, of his inspiration for the project. “I’m interpreting all the kinetic activity around the bridge: the traffic, the motion of water, the sky — it’s such a rich environment to draw upon.”

Even though the Bay Bridge was built six months prior to the Golden Gate Bridge, this behemoth was overshadowed by the iconic red towers rising above the San Francisco Bay. However, this project will bring back a lot more attention and appreciation that our faithful Bay Bridge deserves.

The “Bay Lights” will illuminate the bridge and the waters for the next two years. The best neighborhoods to view the lights would be the Embarcadero, Rincon Hill, South Beach, Telegraph Hill, and other waterfront areas in east San Francisco.