Making moving easier on your kids

Moving inevitably means a lot of change – new home, new neighbors, maybe even new furniture. You can minimize the stress of moving on your kids by finding a home either within their current school district or close to another great school.

Start by entering the neighborhood, city or zip code where you’re looking for a new home, and click on “Search Properties”.

school search 1

You will be directed to a page that shows properties in the location where you are looking for homes. Under the Schools tab, locate the school that you are looking for.  You have the option of looking for both public schools and private schools. You can even check multiple schools to expand your search!

school search 2

When you finally do find your perfect home near the schools where you want your kids to attend, you can make the move fun for your children by taking them to meet your new neighbors or inviting a few of their friends over for a small pizza party in your new place!

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