Make Your Commute Easier!

Do you currently live far from work? Driving for hours each day to and from work not only causes you more stress and frustration, but it also takes up valuable time that you could otherwise spend on your hobbies or with your friends and family! The solution – move somewhere close to work or somewhere near public transportation so that you can utilize your commute hours engrossed in a good book or knitting your latest creation rather than navigating heavy traffic in frustration.

RentalRoost’s proprietary public transit search function can help you find a home within walking distance to public transportation! First, go to the Find Properties tab and select the city in which you want to search for a rental. Next, select the Public Transit dropdown menu and pick the train line that is closest to your work. The map will highlight available rental properties near each stop on the line. You can zoom into a particular location to focus your search or browse all stops to widen your search to different cities along the train line. Say goodbye to lengthy boring drives!

Public Transit 1

On the off chance that you cannot move into a more commute-friendly location, here are a few ideas to make your daily drive a bit easier:

  • Subscribe to some fun new podcasts. You can learn new languages, discover amazing scientific facts, or just listen to some incredible stories. A few favorites: Coffee Break Spanish, Stuff You Should Know, and This American Life.
  • Invest in a nice Bluetooth device to catch up on your calls. Between work and afterwork events, it seems like you don’t have enough time in the day to catch up with all the important people in your life – your college friends, your siblings, your parents, your buddies from yoga class, and your high school besties. You can use this time to check in with your friends. But remember – DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE! And even if you use a Bluetooth device, pay attention to the road and not your conversation!
  • Catch up on your music. Build a great playlist of new artists you’ve been meaning to listen to or just create a great playlist of your perennial favorites. This will help you start to unwind from the moment you get into your car.
  • Play the alphabet game by yourself. Or the license plate game. This will not only entertain you, but it will also help you pay more attention to everything happening on the road.
  • Create a carpool. Find co-workers who live nearby and form a carpool. This will give you some friends to connect with on the road, and it will also give you a much-needed break from behind the wheel, at least a few times weekly.

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