How to Write an Effective Ad for Rental Properties


Listing your property for rent—whether in print or online—is one of the most important and effective marketing steps you can take for renting out your unit. For maximum benefits and to stand out from the crowd of property listings, follow these simple easy tactics:

  1. Create a headline that makes renters want to read more. Most rental ads will start out with either the number of bedrooms/bathrooms or a succinct phrase like “Good, clean.” To really make your headline stand out, try using something like “Just miles from the beach,” or “Gorgeous hardwood floors throughout.” Use attractive features of the unit/property to really capture a potential renter’s attention.
  2. Use lots of photos. Renters love listings with pictures of the property. Focus on the kitchen, living-room, bathrooms, bedrooms, and any unique features of the unit (fireplace, hardwood floors, or gorgeous kitchen countertops). It might also be helpful to include pictures of great views from the property, if any.
  3. Write a complete, thorough description. Write the listing as if you are walking through the property. Start by describing the rooms, special features, the location, and also note if you have an application fee and how much it is. This lets the renter know the cost up-front so they won’t go into the application process and get surprised with the fee.
  4. End the listing with a call to action. A short call to action would include a phrase like “Make sure to take advantage of this month’s rent special” or “Get the first month’s rent for free if you answer this ad today.” This will entice potential renters to get in touch with you soon so that you can rent out the property quickly.

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