Using all the Senses to Attract Potential Tenants


All of our five senses—smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste—can be used effectively by landlords to market their property and attract potential tenants. Landlords too often focus on sight alone to rent their property. However, the other four senses can also be used with more success and faster rental numbers. Here’s how to market using all of the five all-important senses:

  1. Smell. Any tenant who enters a property that has a musty or moldy smell will immediately notice and most likely not rent the unit. First off, make sure everything is clean and well maintained. You can then get creative – use vanilla-scented or “fresh linen” candles, use home fragrance sprays that also get rid of germs while simultaneously disinfecting the home, or bake bread or cookies in the unit before potential tenants arrive. The warm delicious smell is sure to invite several potential renters!
  2. Hearing. Even if your property, or a specific unit, is near a busy highway, there are certain things you can do to minimize the home’s noises for potential tenants. Try to put in double-pane windows to bring down outside noise; insulate around doors and windows; and also try showing the unit at a time when the noise is less blatant. If you cannot do the aforementioned, try playing soft, soothing music throughout the unit or home during showings.
  3. Taste. This is the trickiest of the senses to use when attracting potential tenants. However, it can be very effective if you have a plate of cookies (either home-baked or catered by a local place) for potential tenants to nibble on or even having wine for them to enjoy as they check out the unit. This can help put the tenants at ease, while also making your particular home memorable in their search for a rental.
  4. Touch. When you first meet the tenant, give a firm, not-too-strong handshake. Then, let them touch things in the property (open cabinets, take their shoes off to feel the tile or carpet, etc.). This will allow the tenants to interact with the property and familiarize themselves with the home in the same manner that they would use it.
  5. Sight. This is the main sense that most landlords use for marketing their property, and it is probably the most important one. Don’t just rely on the property or unit itself to attract the tenant. Try using finishing touches such as light decorating or “staging” to get the tenant to sign that lease agreement. Set out fresh flowers, light candles, use colorful throw pillows (for units that come already furnished), and be sure to point out any recent renovations you’ve completed.